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My Hope for Church

There’s a lot of talk today about the declining state of the Christian church in the US. More are attending churches less frequently, most churches are in decline, and there is a growing number of people who indicate a “non-faith” … Continue reading

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Speaking of Death

On Saturday, March 15, two women were killed in a tragic automobile accident in Santa Rosa, CA. In the blink of an eye, a husband lost his wife and mother, and his father lost his wife and daughter-in-law. As I … Continue reading

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An Inside Look into my Upcoming Series

This Sunday I begin a new series of messages called Encounters. What goes on inside my mind and heart when I choose a direction for a message series? This series arose out of the series I just completed, called Staying … Continue reading

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A Better Valentine’s Gift

Chocolates, flowers, and cards, are not cutting it, say men and women.  According to a recent poll, men tend are disappointed by the impracticality of a token novelty Valentine gift, and women are disappointed by the lack of thoughtfulness of … Continue reading

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Time to Dance

Last week Redwood Kids sponsored a Father-Daughter dance, but one fireman and his daughter were not able to make that dance.  Mr Farren, a Firefighter, was being honored at a Fireman’s banquet. During the awards presentation, he mentioned to the … Continue reading

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A Pastor’s Grief

Scott Peck begins his mega best seller, The Road Less Traveled, with these words, “Life is hard”. True enough, Scott. Over the past two months I’ve grieved the death of two uncles, my brother–in–law, and my dog, Buster. Four deaths … Continue reading

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Why Gravity has Gravitas

For me, one sign of a good movie its stickiness. Does it stick with me? Do I ponder it days after I’ve seen it? Gravity is a movie that stuck with me. On paper it looks like an improbable contestant … Continue reading

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