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After the Bombs

As the dust of the bombings begins to settle, a number of responses are beginning to surface.  Some reactions are positive, but some are counterproductive.  Here are two wrong ways to respond to the bombings: Deepening Cynicism The senseless acts … Continue reading

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When Growth goes Dormant

Russian scientists recently resurrected a 30,000 year-old plant from the Siberian permafrost.  Using fruit tissues, the scientists revived the ancient seed and grew Silene stenophylla, the oldest plant ever regenerated (see a picture of the real plant, below). Like a … Continue reading

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Good day

My day began terribly.  A false accusation of a friend went viral.  It was a painful illustration of how the Internet can be a viral network for gossip. The Internet helps us connect, but it can also amplify vice. Later that day … Continue reading

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I once met the king of a pigmy tribe.  I was traveling though a remote, mountainous region of Uganda with World Vision.  We stopped along the side of the rutted pathway, stepped out of our Land Cruisers, and the King … Continue reading

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