Time to Dance

Last week Redwood Kids sponsored a Father-Daughter dance, but one fireman and his daughter were not able to make that dance.  Mr Farren, a Firefighter, was being honored at a Fireman’s banquet. During the awards presentation, he mentioned to the audience that he was missing the Father daughter Dance with his daughter, Bailey, to attend the Fireman’s banquet.  And then he called Bailey up, and together they danced.

The Press Democrat captured a picture of Mr. Farren dancing with Bailey to make up for the Father Daughter Dance that he was missing.


This picture moves me as a father. I remember similar dances that I enjoyed with my daughter, like this…

Emily scan 34

Families are vitally important and Redwood Covenant is committed to helping families grow stronger. We invest heavily in kids, students and adults because families are the place where faith is caught, love is shared, and maturity is cultivated.  Families are vitally important, and families need more help than ever.

At the heart of a healthy family is a healthy marriage. That’s why, for the month of February, I will deliver a series of messages called “Staying in Love”.  It’s relatively easy to fall in love. It’s much more challenging to stay in love. What are some of the secrets to a love that can stand the test of time and trial? Whether married or single, I invite you to come and find out!

And while you’re there, check out the upcoming “In Tune Marriage Workshop” http://www.redwoodcovenant.org/letters.html

Dads, you are so vitally important in the raising of your sons and daughters. Here’s to all of you who take time to love and to dance!


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