Surprised by the Press

Last week I received a phone call from a reporter who wanted to interview me. I hesitated because I’ve been interviewed before and I’ve had enough comments misunderstood, misconstrued or taken out of context.  Even so, I agreed to an interview, thinking that the article would run as a small piece, buried in the religion section that only religious people read. I was way wrong.

Sean, the Press Democrat Reporter, and I enjoyed a delightful conversation.  He seemed genuinely interested about the direction Redwood was taking.  He asked informed, thoughtful questions.  I spoke openly, and our hour together flew by.

The article was scheduled for Easter Sunday.  I was a bit preoccupied that morning to make any attempt to see it.  But after the third worship service, a friend asked me if I had seen the article. “No,” I said.  “You’re on the front page,” he replied.  “It’s a lengthy, front-page feature, and it’s really good!”

I stopped at Safeway on my way home to buy a copy, and I read it after I returned home.  I liked the article’s focus about a church being mobilized to love one another and to love our neighbors in practical ways on their turf.  I felt like it captured the heart of Redwood.  And I felt that it captured my heart also.

I was a bit embarrassed about having my picture on the front page.  I never want the church to be about me.  If I were to add anything to the article, I would say: “It’s not about me.  It’s about a community, guided by God for the sake of the world.”

I am deeply thankful to God for what He is doing among us and through us at Redwood.  And I am deeply thankful to the many, many people who are doing the work of ministry and doing mission though Community Groups.  God is guiding us, and we’re all on this walk of faith-in-action together.


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I love life, my family, and Jesus. I enjoy live music, rigorous exercise, thoughtful movies, and strong coffee. I study scripture, wine, and people. I get frustrated with narrow minds, Christian stereotypes, and gardening. My vocation is pastor, but I’m hesitant to admit that, and I’m happy when people are surprised by that.
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  2. notyethopeful says:

    I have to say that after reading the article, it was the first time in a very long time I felt proud to be part of this church. To know that we are again looking outward instead of inward gives me hope. Thank you, Chris, for encouraging us to be the hands of Jesus in our community.

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