Touch is out of touch

I’m a sucker for mind-bending novels, movies and TV shows like X-Files and Lost.  The latest show that has my attention is Touch.  The premise of Touch is that everything and everyone is connected.  And, there’s a gifted kid who gets the connections and he uses cryptic numbers to guide his father to help people avoid the painful experiences that they are unknowingly headed toward.

If you like mind-benders, then Touch is a fun ride.

It’s also a veiled attempt to explain existence within a naturalistic worldview.  In that world, patterns and systems are comprehended and orchestrated by an all-knowing kid who alters destiny by guiding his Dad to intervene and to avert impending disaster and pain.

If that story sounds familiar, it is.

The Bible reveals God as The One in whom all things are held together.  And God intervenes by God sending His angels and His Son among humans who are capable of amazing goodness and horrific destruction.

But, the similarities between Touch and the Bible end there.

In the worldview of Touch, there is no transcendent God, let alone a personal God who intervenes in history.  Within its naturalistic framework, reality is reduced to what can be comprehended empirically.  For the kid in Touch, this means apprehending the myriad of connections and patterns that mere mortals cannot grasp.

The worldview of the Bible blows that roof wide open.  In stark contrast to a closed universe, the word of the Bible conveys a God who is real, personal, and involved in, with, and for His creation.  God’s involvement is His passionate plan to put a creation careening off course back to right.  And, that plan finds expression in God taking flesh, dying, and being raised from the dead to sit at the place of highest authority.  And that plan involves us, as kings and priests, who partner with the living God in his plan to bless all people.

The worldview of Touch is ironically out of touch with reality.  But, that’s the power of a worldview.  It shapes a reality that shapes us.


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  1. I’m so out of touch that I didnt know there was a show called”Touch.”

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