Fruits of Retreat

Over the last ten days, I have been on a study and planning retreat, because sometimes you have to get away to see things more clearly.  What became clear to me was that God is renewing Redwood Covenant Church, and the signs of this renewal are striking: the Leadership Team is highly committed to a vision of fellowship, discipleship and mission; the Staff are working collaboratively, and people are finding new life in our church family.

The focus for my time-away was to plan the next twelve months of message series in Redding CA.  The upcoming series include the book of Nehemiah, the Gospel of Mark, an all-church Christmas experience, and more.  Each series will be Bible-based, tied to the vision that God is unfolding among us, and will be applicable to your life.

My wonderful, fun-loving wife, Amy, joined me for this retreat.  We were joined by a couple that pastors in a Covenant Church in Washington.  Our routine was to take an early morning walk, work on plans until mid-afternoon, enjoy some food and drink, and then converse under the stars late into the warm evenings.  It was wonderful.

Last week I asked you to pray for inspiration.  Someone must have prayed, because I was inspired by what God’s doing, where he’s leading, and by the Word we’ll hear in the coming months.


About chris breuninger

I love life, my family, and Jesus. I enjoy live music, rigorous exercise, thoughtful movies, and strong coffee. I study scripture, wine, and people. I get frustrated with narrow minds, Christian stereotypes, and gardening. My vocation is pastor, but I’m hesitant to admit that, and I’m happy when people are surprised by that.
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